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Our Services

Births & Deaths Registration


We offer legal advice and support on the acquisition of birth certificates for orphans and vulnerable children that are born within and outside Zimbabwe. We advocate for every child born at home, clinic and hospital to access birth confirmation records and birth certificates. We also promote early and easy access to death certificates, where necessary we do interfamily negotiations and family tracing on issues of birth and death registration.

Marriage & Law


We do capacity building workshops and awareness campaigns and these are conducted with community groups.



We assist our clients in the drafting of wills; disseminate information in public platforms like social networking sites and print media on the importance of writing of wills.

Legal Advice


We give relevant advice on legal matters that concern marriage law

Execution & Administration Of Deceased Estates


We take appointments as Executors and Administrators of deceased estates.

Estate Succession


We do capacity building, awareness campaigns and legal advice sessions.

How We Do IT

  • Operating an office drop-in legal advice and counselling centre
  • Household/Home visits to clients
  • Mobile legal clinics
  • Weekly newspaper articles
  • Stakeholder capacity building workshops
  • Kids Clubs / Days
  • Church based awareness raising programming
  • Community empowerment workshops and awareness raising campaigns
  • Family tracing
  • Interfamily negotiations

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